Friday, August 28, 2009

What a Tease!

So yesterday was the big day. The twins took the school bus to Kindergarten for the very first time. I'd show you pictures as proof but they got erased. Grr. We were using the in-laws camera and it isn't the most reliable thing in the world. That's a regret I'll be keeping for a while.

Today the kids are off school. They do a staggered start for the primary grades which means my kids went yesterday and somehow I was supposed to be able to explain to two 5 year old minds that they don't get to go back until Monday. That wasn't easy but my MIL came through by building a fort in the family room. They've been playing in it for 2 plus hours now. I'm not kidding.

We'll be taking pictures again on Monday, pretending it's the first day of school. One day down the road I'll forget that those aren't the REAL first day of school pictures, right? Probably not.


  1. Since it rained in Portland from October until June, you could never count on outside pics. So, whenever we'd have a sunny day around a holiday (like Halloween or Easter) I'd jump at the opportunity to get some outside shots. We'd dress up like said holiday, and add items, like pumpkins or plastic eggs and relive the holiday in the front yard w/ my camera. Now we have great pics of the event even if it is a few days off. You will, too!

  2. I vote that Monday is the first real day, anyway. A "staggered start" means it was just a practice day, in my book.

  3. I think that Jen is right! I must admit that I missed Jay's first day of kindergarten, thanks to a dead battery, while I doubt I will ever forget that our pictures aren't the 'real' ones, everyone else has...and I'm not telling!