Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Understanding History

How do you explain history to a 4 year old? Ever since I decided to homeschool the twins for PreK, I made it a point to expose them to as many things as I could. Being an election year, I took them to an Obama event at the local high school football stadium, in our bathing suits! I wanted them to get a glimpse of history. I would have taken them to the McCain event that I attended too but it was past their bedtime! =)
Today was historic in our nation's history but how do you explain that to a child who knows neither black nor white, slave nor free, rich nor poor? To them, everyone is their friend and anything is possible. After several failed attempts at explaining the historical significance of the day, I finally relented on the explanations. I simply sat them in front of the television and asked them to watch. I said, "Someday this will mean something to you." They even sat still for a few minutes. A lot to ask of 2 four year olds and a 2 year old. Maybe they will be telling this story to their grandchildren one day.

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  1. I am teary reading this. I had the same dilemma -- I hate to play up the race issue when my younger kids, in particular, have no clue and don't seem to notice different skin colors. But I am blown away imagining that my kids probably will always take it for granted that a black person could be president. What a miracle. This election made me feel like there are even more possibilities for my children than what I ever imagined for them.

    (Also I homeschooled my oldest for preK! I wanted to keep it up -- it seemed like it could be so much fun! -- but I wasn't getting enough accomplished and worried I'd let her down.)