Monday, January 26, 2009

The Little One

Amazing to watch little people develop. Being a parent gives me a daily perspective on God. Although parenting is partially God's role in our lives, He is far beyond that of a parent. He is our Father though and as our Father, He fulfills a parenting role, I guess. It's no mistake that much of humanity eventually takes becomes a mom or a dad, I think. I've learned more than I could have imagined as a mom. Recently I've been learning more about total depravity. I'm always curious when people talk about how "sweet" or "innocent" my children are. Now, maybe there are kids out there who appear to be innocent, but I'm the first to say...mine are NOT! Total depravity was obvious from at least 9 months on and technically from birth. If I tried hard, I'm sure I could find earlier examples. Presently, the depravity seems beyond TOTAL if that's possible! Take little dude for example. He's like the littlest duckling, swimming his hardest, trying to keep up. One of his fave lines is "Me do it too, mommy". He seems to be dreadfully afraid to be left back. It's all about ME. I didn't teach him that and honestly, the twins are pretty giving toward him so they didn't teach it to him. It's naturally engrained in the little dude. Me, me me!!! I kinda get it. If I wasn't trained not to be all about ME, I'd relish in it too. ME ME ME! If I'm honest, I'd admit that under all the niceties of adulthood...I still want it to be all about me. My job is to fight that inner self and teach little dude that it's all about God and others. We're working on that one...together!

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