Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Trip To Target

So, I made the dreaded trip. A very generous friend gave each of my children a $50 gift card to Target for Christmas. As thankful as I was for the gift cards, the thought lingered in my head that I would have to actually TAKE them to Target to spend these cards. With 3 children, age 4 and under, Target is not my favorite destination. In fact, the only favorite destination I have for this brood is their own beds! Naptime! That is when I'm truly any mom can attest, I'm sure.
With gift cards in hand, we planned our trip to Target. You would think these children were heading off to Disney! I'm not the typical mom. I avoid Target (or any retail store, especially Walmart) like the plague when I have kids in tow. Without kids? Target is better than a night out on the town.) I just can't handle it. The entire time, while within the confines of the store, I'm saying, sit down, don't climb on that, put that down, don't run into her, don't put that in your mouth and of course, no, you can't HAVE THAT! I set a rule when we enter. We aren't buying ANYTHING for you (unless it's on major sale)!
The trip just isn't worth it...the kids leave disappointed and I leave frustrated. I have one wise friend who buys popcorn and drinks for her kids as they enter the store. I distinctly remember getting ICEEs on my way into Gold Circle as a child. Looks like my mom knew that trick too.
Mean me though. I just can't follow suit. I want them to learn to listen and act properly without having to buy off their behavior. In my stubborness, I have convinced myself that I'm going to teach my kids that materialism is "evil" and not to covet. Hmm...I haven't accomplished that one yet but I'm still working on it.
Anyway, the 4 of us survived the trip to Target...just barely. Everyone got the toy they wanted and it was actually enjoyable. Maybe because we were spending someone else's money. It's been 4 days since we made the voyage. Every single day since, the kids have asked when we're going back to Target. Never, I say!

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  1. Sounds like my Target trips and I only have one! I did get him an Icee last time just cause I wanted a drink too and man was he a good boy during the entire trip, not his usual MO. Wish I would have learned this one 2 years ago.