Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Someone please tell my why it takes 8 million hours to get to Lowes when it has only snowed an inch? You would think living in Columbus would produce people who can adapt to their sometimes snowy environment. Normally I wouldn't choose to go out in that mess but tonight it wasn't my decision. We have been waiting on our sink (and our plumber) to complete this never-ending bathroom renovation. Our sink has arrived and our plumber was to arrive as well. He called at 5:30PM telling us that he was on his way. I then had to run out and buy some silicone for the granite top. One hour after he was supposed to arrive, he calls and says he isn't coming. I was already at Lowes buying the Silicone. That sucked~! So, I made a stop at Toys R Us to get Boy WonderTwin's birthday present. It's some Ninja Turtle thing that he has been begging for since Christmas. Shhh...don't tell him! =)
Hopefully all of this traffic will pay off with enough snow to have some fun tomorrow...we shall see.

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