Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Facebook is such a strange phenomonon...unexplored and undiscovered. Ettiquette is non-existant thus far on Facebook. It seems like some rules that exist in the real world should carry over to the virtual world. So far...not so much. I could write all day on this subject but I'll spare you for now. Look forward to more venting on this subject at a later date.
So what brought this on? When I got on Facebook (about 2 years ago, maybe...) there were very few friends on there. Most of the ones who were on worked with college students, thus, they had to be on FB too. I started to find high school friends a few months into my FB experience but most were not good friends, only acquaitances...and 15 years ago. Anyway, I remember requesting a friendship with a kid I went to elementary with. He was the "new kid" in the 6th grade. After being in our school about 2-3 weeks, he asked me to "go with him". I remember not liking him...not that I didn't like HIM but I was 12. Not really into "going with" boys then. Anyway, I didn't know what to do when he asked me to go with him. Instead of telling him no, I sought advice from another girl in our class. Her wise advice was to "go with him" and then dump him at the school skating party. She thought that was an effective way to deal with the "new kid" so I took her advice (turns out she had a little crush on the "new kid" and ended up going with him the following week.) I went with this boy for several days and when it came time for the skating party, I was nervous. I didn't want to skate with him...heck, I didn't want to "go" with him. Anyway, I remember skating right past him and saying, "Consider yourself dumped". Apparently he was really upset. He must have been because he never spoke to me AGAIN. Keep in mind, we were in school together for 6 more years...and we even had a lot of friends in common. It didn't hurt my feelings but I did find it odd.
Okay, so back to 2009 and Facebook. I requested his friendship when I first got on FB. I never heard from him. I requested again b/c I hadn't been accepted. Still nothing. I was sure that he was still bitter from how I shattered his heart in 1985. I know I can have that effect on men. Today, relief came. I opened my facebook to find a friendship request from the "new kid". Whoosh, now I feel better. Apparently it only took 24 years to get over me...or maybe he doesn't even remember the incident. Hopefully I'll never know.

P.S. I did accept his friendship by the way...although I was tempted to deny and write, "consider yourself dumped." I've matured a little since 1985. Just a little.

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