Monday, August 23, 2010

Wait til You See...

Wait til you see my master bathroom people.  It is all new and all improved.  Just to give you a verbal glimpse, I had a vanity that was missing a door.  Apparently the "crazy lady" (We'll call her CL for short.. RIP) who once lived in our home had several BIG dogs.  One of the dogs charged through the bathroom and broke off the cabinet door.

Of course she never replaced it because she never cleaned or mowed either.  That's a story for another day.  Let's just say our neighbors were kissing our feet when we bought this wreck home and we can do no wrong in their eyes.  Always a good position to be in...especially when we have a habit of running a tile saw at midnight.  Sorry neighbors.

Besides the door-less vanity we had a decent laminate flooring and one of those ALL in ONE shower deals with SEATS in them.  I'm sorry.  Is it really necessary to sit down while showering?  I've never understood that one.  I have a problem with sitting unless there is some sort of fabric between my who-who and the seat.  The vanity top was fine.  Honestly all of it was fine if you don't mind SCREAMING 80's decor.

The All in One shower had to be replaced though.  It was just beyond cleaning in my opinion and it's always nice to start anew when you're moving in a previously occupied home.

This is our last BIG project.  Thank goodness!  So far (just to bore you a little more) we've torn out most of the drywall (from the 4 foot mark down) out of our lower level.  We've carpeted 85% of it and tiled another 15%.  We ripped out the shower and vanity and replaced with all new.  We've painted the entire lower lever ourselves.  The only thing that was done by an outside source was the carpeting.

On the main level we refinished the hardwood floors, installed carpet in all the bedrooms, tore out the kitchen completely (almost to the studs), re-tiled and painted. Replaced all the interior doors and most of the exterior doors.  We re-constructed the deck and stained as well as re-graded the back yard AND landscaped.  We replaced the windows (did I tell you about the Winter that Boy Wondertwin had icicles growing in his window?  The windows were 40 years old and NOT double paned...I'm not even sure I'd call that glass in those windows).  We've torn out the bathrooms on the main level and now finally we're knee deep into the last renovation right now. 

Thankfully we've found a contractor who does "finishing touches".  We're hiring him to do all the trim work and ideally make our "DIY projects" look professional.  And no.  He's not a miracle worker.  We'll see but I plan to post some before and afters....just got to get my act in gear and start praying that my computer decides to function again.  Lovely.  Did I mention we bought a bank owned property?  Stay tuned for how God answered that prayer.


  1. WOW...a lot going on but it all sounds like it's moving in the right direction- whew..enjoy the before TO after :)

  2. Sounds like your new place had a lot renovations and cleaning.