Monday, August 23, 2010

And So It Begins...

Boy Wondertwin was happily playing on the kitchen floor (which usually makes me just a tad crazy because I'm not a fan of kid stuff in adult spaces) and I glanced down to see a little boy who is on the verge of growing up.
First Grade is a big year I'm sure.  I'm already seeing flashes of his future teenage self and in the next moment I see a person who is trying desperately not to revert back to his 2 year old self.  6 is a strange age.
So school starts this week and it's time to get in the groove.  The big change for us is the adjustment to full day school.  We're ready.  We're ALL ready.
I'm not emotional about the all day part.  Correction:  I'm JUBILANT about the full day part.  There are so many things I'd like to accomplish.  Mopping the floor has been Mission Impossible over the past 6 years but I plan to tackle that one with a vengenance this school year.  I WILL have CLEAN floors!

I'll go into my plans for being ALONE another day but right now I just wanted to say that Puff the Magic Dragon might just be the SADDEST song on the planet.  Couple it with my little people growing up and ugh!  Sad. Be sure to take a listen and if you have a little boy (or girl for that matter) be ready to cry. And just for nostalgia's sake, check out the Peter, Paul and Mary version!

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