Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So the in-laws were in town for 10 days.  Yep.  10 days.  My FIL thinks it's cost effective to come 3 times per year and spend a LONG time here when they visit.  It's fine.  The kids love love love having them and for that I'm thankful.
One thing about my in-laws.  For the most part they say what they think...when they think it.


The kids and I picked them up from the airport.  I got out of the car to load their bags and my mother in law says, "Wow, are you pregnant? You look pregnant.  Do you have a surprise for us?"

Yep.  She did.

You know (if you've been following over the past 2 months) that I've lost 13 pounds which evidently is as noticeable as if I had a centimeter cut off of my hair. I really have no explanation for her "observation" other than I did have somewhat of an umpire (is that how you spell that?  surely not.)  waist going on with my dress.  Really though.  You just never say that.  Never.  Not even to your daughter in law.  Especially to your daughter in law.  My FIL quickly chimed in with, "Wow, you've lost weight."  Hmm.


  1. Noooooooo!!!!!!!

    I'm so sorry. You know I've had strangers say the same thing. As a rule, I will never ask someone if they are pregnant. The news must be shared with me first or the woman must be in labor.

    I think you look AWESOME and in no way pregnant!

  2. THANK YOU MC! I appreciate hearing that from someone who has seen me recently. Seriously, water has to be breaking all over her feet before I even MENTION the whole pregnancy topic! And I'm not exaggerating. You JUST DON'T GO THERE!

  3. Are you serious?? My mind starts going down the 'get even' route. "Wow, MIL, is your hair getting grayer? I can color that for you, you know."