Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Homemaker

I'm not a homemaker.  I'm just not.  Yes.  I've been "home" for 6.5 years.  Well, if that's what you call it. I'd say I've been at the Library, Park, Zoo, Science Museum, Red Barn, Water Park, Pool, Sports fields, Bible Study, music/sports lessons and any other possibly imaginable place besides home.  Really, who "stays home" with 3 kids 25 months apart?  Show me that person and I'll show you someone who is ready to be committed.

I'm not good at much around the house.  I'm no Martha Stewart.  I do enough to get us by.  I cook "just enough", clean "just enough" and buy "just enough".  I'd really rather be doing just about anything else besides "keeping house".  The kids can tell you.  We're out more than we're in and they are going more than they're stopping.

One thing I AM good at is laundry.  I can do laundry with the best of them.  I'm on the ball when it comes to laundry.  Never is more than one load sitting in the basket.  I love to throw it in, get it out, divvy it up and send it into the arms of my trio to be put away.  I'm all about that.  It's the choleric side of me.  It's something I can check off.  Cooking just makes more mess.  Cleaning seems to NEVER be finished, decorating?  Well, I'd have to start that to know if it ever finishes.  I KNOW renovating never ends.  But Laundry.  I can do that.

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