Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perfect Sense

Don't you think my picture should be here?

My nemesis?  Oreos.  Full packages of Oreos to be descriptive.  I need not buy these evil circular objects.  They do bad things to me.  Why must they be so delectable?  I just can't resist.  There (was) a package in my pantry.  My cooking pantry.  I know NOT to keep it in the snacks pantry.  That would be ludicrous.  They would disappear before I could even finish a row.

Is that bad?  I buy Oreos just for me, hide them and eat rows at a time.  I didn't used to be this way.  Previous to 2010 I hadn't had an Oreo in a few decades...since I was a kid I guess.  That FREE package of Oreos did me in.  It renewed our love affair and now I can't break it off.  That pretty blue box calls my name as I'm innocently picking up Goldfish snacks for the kids.  It says, "KP, You know you want me" in this totally irresistible sexy voice that I find so alluring...and I just can't help it.  Into the cart it sneaks itself just to have its way with me.  Oh, the affair is sweet until the walk of shame in the the scale.  A wretched love those Oreos are.  They do as they wish with me and then leave me to pick up pieces and spend yet another morning on that dreadful treadmill, trying to forget my transgressions.

But yet they leave me wanting more.  And more.

Dear Nabisco, Post Optionsplease stop offering free and BOGO coupons.  You are derailing my life.

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  1. YES. I could probably eat half a package in one sitting. I need help.