Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Remember the day I was venting about Costco and how they let me shop for $129 worth of groceries but didnt let me BUY $129 worth of groceries?  Would have been nice to know that you can shop there with a Costco gift card.  Grr.  It makes me dislike that place even more now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Surprise Surprise

I have a few opinions on this one but they must be saved for another day!  It's 2 hours past my bedtime. When will I realize that I'm a grown up, not a teenager, and I have responsibilities that call WAY too early in the morning?  Ugh.  I need more self discipline.

Check out the LINK though because it's an interesting one...and I'll get on my soapbox tomorrow.

Good's only 1AM Eastern...what's wrong with me?

Monday, April 26, 2010

In 2 Months...

Search & Win

I have earned over $20 in Amazon bucks.  I don't know about you but given free money, I could spend some mega bucks on  Since I'm too frugal to blow money I'm finding creative ways to earn extra cash to spend.  Honestly, I'm saving up the Amazon bucks to buy Christmas presents for my family.  Imagine free Christmas!  That would be wonderful.

How am I saving for Christmas presents in April?  I've been saving Swagbucks!   It's a site that allows you to collect points to redeem for music, toys, clothes, electronics and gift cards.  I've determined that the best deal is to trade the points in for Amazon cards.  Since you can buy just about anything on Amazon, it seems genius to me.  Here's the link so you can check it out too.

Rain Rain Go Away...

It is one of those rainy days when I just want to stay in bed.  I'm not complaining.  We've had an amazing Spring and the grass could use a drink or two...couldn't we all.  I just don't want to get out of bed.

Heading for the gym today.  Life is back to normal after 8 days with the in-laws.  Kids loved having their grandparents here and we all survived yet again.  Not sure if the visit is harder on us or the grandparents.  8 days is a long time.

Kids are now spoiled rotten after having every need met at their whim for a week.  Time to starve them and make them do their chores.  Mean mom. That's me.  But my kids will know how to do their OWN laundry when they leave for college!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sorry friends...this was an INSANE week. Insanity all around...and not just because my in laws were here for 8 days!

Reading Facebook updates and saw a post from a friend who was sitting at a light at the on ramp of a highway.  A "hobo" came up and knocked on the window asking for money.  This doesn't happen where I live although once in a blue moon you will see a man holding a sign asking for money.  Rare though.

The post struck me funny...I think it was because of the word "hobo".  Is this outdated?  Politically correct?  Can we really use the word "hobo" appropriately?  And if not, what word will suffice?  BTW, Texas was the state where she encountered this especially brave "hobo".  I knew it.  Things happen there which you would never see in the other 48.  TX definitely has it's own personality.

And Colt McCoy is coming to Cleveland...still not sure what I think of that.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

And it's Over...

We can all breathe a sigh of relief.  It's all over.  Demons or no demons.  And to brag on J for a minute, he did a phenomenal job.  Phenomenal.  I'm so proud of him.  We don't have a final head count but it was in the neighborhood of 800 people and the money raised was quite impressive.  We are so thankful to God for carrying us through this planning process.  I say us because even though it's J (and his team of volunteers) who carries this responsibility, the stress is immense in my household.  I do very little (other than some program planning and scheduling) for the evening but I feel it during the weeks leading up to the event.

His organization will be able to do many new programs and services for the 7000 plus International Students who come to our area universities as a result of the funding that came in Saturday night.  To God be all the praise and glory forever and ever, Amen.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Crazy Thing Happened On the Way to Dreamland

I've blogged repeatedly regarding my husband's unusual sleeping tendencies.  I have to say...last night seems to be in a whole different category.

To give you a little background, he is the director of development (fundraising) for a non-profit organization.  His biggest fundraiser is coming up this weekend with an attendance of close to 800 people.  Needless to say, stress levels are high around our house.  With high stress comes high strangeness out of hubby.  He's the first one to admit that.  Take 3 years ago before the 2nd biggest fundraiser, I awoke to him yelling out the window of our bedroom, "Thank YOU, Thank YOU".   Having awakened me, I guided him back to bed.  The next morning I was told that he dreamed that someone yelled "Good Luck" to him and he was being polite and saying thank you.

The other night was a little different.  According to J, he was lying awake at 1:30AM.  He was feeling a dark cloud over him and the only way he could describe it was oppression.  Never having prayed this before he said, "If this is something demonic, I pray in the name of Jesus that it be gone."

At this point he heard a huge gasp from me.  I had been asleep for 2 hours at this point.

From my perspective, I was sound asleep and in my dream a dog was being tortured and the sound I heard was like when someone steps on a dog's foot or a high pitched yelp.  This "sound" woke me from a sound sleep.  I paused and heard J rustling next to me.  I asked him, "Did you hear that?".

"What?" he said.

"It sounded like a dog being tortured."  Keep in mind this was immediately after he prayed that prayer.

He was FREAKED.  Completely freaked.

It was over dinner the following evening that he told me this story.  He started by saying, "I may have cast a demon out of you last night".  What the heck do you say to that?  He was mostly kidding but I could tell he was disturbed by what happened.

I have no idea what to make of it all other than I believe in forces outside of our realm and he could be facing some type of oppression regarding this huge fundraiser and the work that he is doing.  Any perspective my bloggy friends?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading...and Dealin'

After recs from many many friends, I picked up The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.  I SOOO wanted to read this one on Spring Break.  I did accomplish 100 pages but the book is 1000.  Hmm. 

During breaks I usually get more reading time but this one was extremely busy and I just wasn't able to read like I wanted.  The bright side is that I was able to sleep 8 plus hours 4 or 5 nights straight.  That never happens for me.  Case in point:  I'm up blogging at midnight right now.  What's wrong with me?

On another note, I scored $20 worth of CVS stuff for $5.48 AND I have $4.50 in Extra Care Bucks to spend at a later date.  Really, I spend .98 cents. Yea, me!

And yes, when you go to CVS and you get an extra long receipt, that means they are giving YOU money.  You just need to go back in and buy a few things you need.  Today I bought some school supplies for next year as well as some much needed Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream...double chocolate brownie cookie dough something or other...and YES, it's freakin' good!

Anyway, pay attention to those receipts because that's money you're throwing away...Polly, I'm talking to you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Dude is Four

I'm exhausted after 2 consecutive 12 hour car days (well, today was 10ish) so this post will be short and sweet but I'd be remiss if I didn't wish Little Dude a happy 4th birthday!  The big day was last weekend but because of speluncking (yes, I'm too lazy to look up the spelling on that one), a trip to a sweet restaurant, lots of cake, many many Anthony Chocolate Easter eggs and 2 trips to Sea World (followed by hours upon hours in the pool) I didn't find a minute to mark his day in history.

You have NEVER in your life seen a kid so excited to have a birthday.  He is now FINALLY 4.  They even sang to him on the kiddie roller coaster at Sea World.  Hours later he had a down right fit that should only be reserved for a 3 year old.  His punishment?

J said, "If you don't stop this, we'll make you 3 again."

Little Dude said, "Oh Yea, well, you're ONE".  Nice comeback.

He preceeded to scream and yell for another 10 minutes, "I don't wanna be 3 again, don't make me be 3 again". 

Whoosh, I thought the fits would magically stop at 3.  Hmm.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


12 hours with 3 kids AND my mom today...I should have gold to post on the blog tomorrow...well, not tomorrow.  I'm driving 10 hours with 3 kids and my mom tomorrow.  Spring Break was worth it, right?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Worst Insult Known to a 4 Year Old

So Little Dude turned 4.  We're on vacation right now so there hasn't been a lot of time to document the passage of this historic event.  Finally though, I have a moment to write down for all of time Little Dude's worst insult he can possibly think of. 

The Wondertwins were playing baseball with Little Dude when Girl Wondertwin decided to come upstairs.  This ticked off Little Dude and he said, "GWT, you are TUPID, TUPID, TUPID, forever and ever TUPID and all the bad words".

How do you not laugh at that?  After a frown, GWT broke out in hysterics and so did the rest of us.  Little Dude on the other hand was quite proud of himself for insulting his big sis in the best way he knew how.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yep, it's official...

I'm sick, mentally anyway.  After reading a money saving blog, I found out it's Triple coupon week AGAIN at Kroger.  That's when they triple coupons up to .50cents and many items are free or very close.  Toothpaste is often .17cents when coupons are tripled.  Deodorant, soaps, body washes, canned food,...all free. 

The problem?  I'm on vacation and there isn't a Kroger within 300 miles.  A mentally healthy person would not be breaking out into hives like I am right now.  I emailed my husband, who went home yesterday, to see if he'd run to Kroger for me.  The chances of that are so slim that I shouldn't have even wasted the email.

Maybe I should have given up coupons for Lent. to see if Kroger is tripling in your area.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Next Purchase

Bizarre New Treadmill-Bike Lets Gym Rats See the Outside World

You have to check this out.  I'm dropping the gym membership and splurging on  Who thinks of things like this?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little Dude

He was getting dressed today and I noticed that he had 3 tshirts on.  I told him that maybe this wasn't the best idea and that one shirt would suffice.

He said, "But Mommy, it's zummer and I need to wear a YOT gecaz we already had yots of Vinters, 100 of dem, and it now time for zummer."
Translated to English, he said, "But Mommy, it's summer and I need to wear a lot (of t shirts) because we already had lots of winters, 100 of them, and its now time for Summer."

Well said, Little Dude.  Makes perfect sense right?  He was right about the 100 Winters sure felt like it but I'll be enjoying 80 degrees today!


Head on over to Blooming in the South for a awesome giveaway!  She is a sweet friend of mine that I got to spend an entire California summer with.  Hope you win!