Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yep, it's official...

I'm sick, mentally anyway.  After reading a money saving blog, I found out it's Triple coupon week AGAIN at Kroger.  That's when they triple coupons up to .50cents and many items are free or very close.  Toothpaste is often .17cents when coupons are tripled.  Deodorant, soaps, body washes, canned food,...all free. 

The problem?  I'm on vacation and there isn't a Kroger within 300 miles.  A mentally healthy person would not be breaking out into hives like I am right now.  I emailed my husband, who went home yesterday, to see if he'd run to Kroger for me.  The chances of that are so slim that I shouldn't have even wasted the email.

Maybe I should have given up coupons for Lent. to see if Kroger is tripling in your area.

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