Monday, April 12, 2010

Reading...and Dealin'

After recs from many many friends, I picked up The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett.  I SOOO wanted to read this one on Spring Break.  I did accomplish 100 pages but the book is 1000.  Hmm. 

During breaks I usually get more reading time but this one was extremely busy and I just wasn't able to read like I wanted.  The bright side is that I was able to sleep 8 plus hours 4 or 5 nights straight.  That never happens for me.  Case in point:  I'm up blogging at midnight right now.  What's wrong with me?

On another note, I scored $20 worth of CVS stuff for $5.48 AND I have $4.50 in Extra Care Bucks to spend at a later date.  Really, I spend .98 cents. Yea, me!

And yes, when you go to CVS and you get an extra long receipt, that means they are giving YOU money.  You just need to go back in and buy a few things you need.  Today I bought some school supplies for next year as well as some much needed Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream...double chocolate brownie cookie dough something or other...and YES, it's freakin' good!

Anyway, pay attention to those receipts because that's money you're throwing away...Polly, I'm talking to you.

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