Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sorry friends...this was an INSANE week. Insanity all around...and not just because my in laws were here for 8 days!

Reading Facebook updates and saw a post from a friend who was sitting at a light at the on ramp of a highway.  A "hobo" came up and knocked on the window asking for money.  This doesn't happen where I live although once in a blue moon you will see a man holding a sign asking for money.  Rare though.

The post struck me funny...I think it was because of the word "hobo".  Is this outdated?  Politically correct?  Can we really use the word "hobo" appropriately?  And if not, what word will suffice?  BTW, Texas was the state where she encountered this especially brave "hobo".  I knew it.  Things happen there which you would never see in the other 48.  TX definitely has it's own personality.

And Colt McCoy is coming to Cleveland...still not sure what I think of that.


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