Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Insanity Continued...

I posted yesterday (yes, 2 posts in a row!) about my over-zealous daughter who ate her lunch before lunch time and then told the cafeteria volunteers that her mom didn't pack her enough to eat.  Here is an excerpt from my dear friend who was in the cafeteria when this all went down:

"Those women in the cafeteria were saying that they were worried about Girl Wondertwin because she was a child without means.  I had to set them straight!  I didn't want them to think that of her!  They just made it up as they were staring at her and saying she probably doesn't get much food at home.  I told them to look at her brother's lunch--Boy Wondertwin was sitting at the same table as her but not with her.    His lunch was LOADED!  I almost snatched it.  It was really an eye opener about how opinions are formed with very little information."

Oh goodness.  What am I going to do with my sweet daughter?  I talked to the office ladies today as I was in the school to volunteer.  They are all well aware of my attention seeking, overly dramatic, sanguine daughter.  Somehow they thought all of this was cute.  Hmm.  They don't live with her.  Who knows what the cafeteria volunteers are thinking now.  Hope I don't meet them.

And no one called CPS.  Big sigh of relief.

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