Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girl Weekend

The day we found out we were having boy/girl twins we began to dream of weekends spent with our little ones.  We had plans to do daddy/daughter weekends and mom/son dates.  We first tried it when they were 4.  We decided that choosing to be miserable is a really silly thing. Guess they were still too young to appreciate our plans. 

Well, by default we tried it again.  Cub Scout camping weekend sneaked up on us and so we decided to take advantage.  J went with Little Dude and Boy Wondertwin while I had the whole weekend to spend with the princess.  What would we do, where would we go?  Perfect timing.  Secretariat came out so we decided to splurge and see a real movie in a real movie theater.  Did you know movies are $7.50 during the day now?  WHAT???

Anyway, amazing movie.  The 6 year olds (3 of them) had a tough time sitting through the whole thing as there was a lot of talking but the 3 moms LOVED it and honestly, if I wasn't such a cheapskate (and it wasn't 85 degrees outside today) I'd go see it again.  What an inspiring movie.  Phenomenal.

After the movie we ate at a Dave and Busters kind of place and then played games.  Girl Wondertwin was in heaven.  We rented 2 movies and got ice cream at our fave place. 

She was in bed (MY bed) by 11pm and didn't wake me up til 7:30am.  We had such a great time and honestly, I think she really did appreciate it.  We're growing up.

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